We have particular expertise at dealing with public order act offences.  These range from being accused of violent disorder arising out of a protest or other large event to simply acting disorderly and causing distress to people in the street. 

It may be that your case requires a significant amount of preparation to trace witnesses, investigate CCTV or to seek further disclosure from the prosecution, which we will undertake on your behalf. Similarly, we can advise and represent you if you are accused of offences against the police, such as assaulting or obstructing police in the execution of their duty. We will always consider if there is a technical point in relation to police actions and whether they may have been acting unlawfully or outside the scope of their duty. This can amount to a defence on its own, even if you have used force against or obstructed a police officer e.g. where you are subject to an unlawful stop and search, unlawful squat eviction or excessive force has been used against you.  

Please contact Adeela Khan on 020 7790 4032 for further advice.